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About Me

Richel Lavette Lewis

I am Richel Lavette. As a professional photographer for almost two decades, I’ve practiced photography as my art form in locations around the US and world.

My style is natural, honest, and candid. Capturing through photographs the essence of my subjects, their personalities and feelings, their lives and loves, those remembered and cherished moments in time.

I feel honored to have been a part of so many special occasions having photographed hundreds of weddings, families and events. The vibrant emotions of a wedding, parents looking upon their precious newborn for the first time, the magical smiles and giggles of children…I remember them all.

It all started when I was 12 years old. My father bought a 35mm camera for the family and I immediately became the “family photographer”. I have just kept taking pictures ever since.

In college I grew to love my art even more, using the dark room for hours developing creative and aesthetic images. My career as a professional was born during these quiet and focused hours of perfecting my techniques and developing style.

Richel Lavette